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june, july, & august

During the weekends of June, July and August the art studio and display in The Red Garage is open. This coincides with Peterborough Open Art Studio's which is the last weekend of June and the first 2 weekends of July.

About Me

Painting was one of the subjects I studied for 2 years at Canterbury College, Kent whilst training to be a teacher. Oils were the available medium. I had used oil paints when at school as part of an Art & Architecture A level. 

There followed many wonderful years of family and  teaching; art and painting were not in the loop.

In 2010 I started oil painting with relish and at every opportunity I have a paint brush in my hand. Inspiration comes from a wide range of sources and I'm continually exploring content, size, technique and style. Working in oils, soon became important to me. I love the way paint moves and mixes on the canvas; the way the subject  evolves and how the colours can be vibrant and intense or delicate and sensitive; the way emotions and beliefs can be expressed on canvas. And although I dabble with watercolours oils are my great love.


When oil painting, I’m in my world —a visual world full of  intensity, shape and colour. .

harper's Art Studio @

the red garage 

54, Chapel St., Yaxley,Peterborough 



tel: 01733 688923

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