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What are we looking for?

  • Oil on stretched canvas

  • £200

Humanity can be  enticed into believing that what is sold in the shops is what makes life good. Each can become a god. Money; gambling; food; what we look like; alcohol; what we possess; pets, and sport. The DIY shop symbolizes our belief that we can do everything in our own strength. There are seven empty people wandering amongst the shops looking for something. Each figure represents one of the 7 deadly sins: envy, pride, anger, gluttony, lust, sloth and greed. There is a narrow pathway between the shops leading to St. Peter’s church, Yaxley. The figure at the entrance of the pathway has taken his first step towards a life of more substance. Hence the sole of his foot is solid.

cat.77 Trinity.JPG


Cathedral ForestJPG
  • Oils on stretched canvas

  • 100cm x 100cm: 40" x 40"

  • £150

  • After I visited Peterborough Cathedral and later walked through a local forest of trees, I noticed that many of the shapes above me were similar. Both tall and majestic; both have arches and space; both point to heaven and  to the glory of God. Here I’ve tried to capture the relationship between a cathedral’s architecture and the structure of trees using the shapes i saw to make an abstract painting. The colours I’ve used are those in the linen used  in the church’s year: green, red, purple and white. The painting was inspired by Rousseau and Cezanne’s  who used of blocks of colour in a natural setting.

 Cathedral Forest


cat.39 AquaFlow.JPG


cat.35 'Outward Looking' Peterborough Cathedral.JPG
cat.124 DREAM commission 2016.JPG
Father & Son_edited.jpg
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