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Landscapes in oils unless stated otherwise. All use observation, sketches and photographs on location.


Sherwood Forest

in the pink.

  • oil on stretched canvas

  • 60cms X 50cms.

  • £75

cat.93  Watersmeet
  • oil on stretched canvas
  • £75
Watersmeet is a favourite, breathtaking woodland walk along the East Lyn and Hoar Oak rivers. It’s in N. Devon, near Lynmouth.
cat.49 PEACE.JPG

cat.49    Peace

  • oil on stretched canvas 

  • 60cmsX50cms

  • £75

A sermon at St. Peter’s, Yaxley talked about the times when life is tough, like a raging storm. However there is always shelter,  a safe place to find peace and to gather strength until we’re ready to carry on. This painting shows a seagull finding peace, resting to gather strength until the storm subsides enough for it to continue it’s flight.

cat.21 Magpie in the snow.JPG

cat.21 Magpie in the Snow

  • oil on stretched canvas

  • 102cmsX76cms

  • £150

My husband and I visited the Musee D’Orsay, in Paris. He saw this painting by Monet and loved it. So I painted this version. It’s a reminder of the snow of our childhood.

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cat.58 Frosted.JPG


Shadows in the Spinney. cat.29 

Pound Lane, Yaxley

Oils on stretched canvas. 51cmsX41cms.



Oils on stretched canvas


Heading 2

Hampton Lake

Hampton Lake

Oils on stretched canvas.



Shadows at dusk

On the shore

Lee Bay, Devon  12

Oils on stretched canvas


Oils on stretched canvas


Walk in Rowney Woods

Sandringham House Folly     103

cat.35 On the shore.JPG

Ferry Meadows under water         61

Sulehay woods, Wansford        36

Oils on stretched canvas.


Muddy Puddle    17

Oils on board with rough 1"x1" wooden frame.


cat.112 Blue boat in the moonlight.JPG
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