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cat.52                                       Rescue
Inspired by a newspaper report

about the earthquake in Turkey,

February 2023. I wonder where the rescued child is now. Has she any family left? I wonder how the two rescuers are. How many more lives did they save. What effect has it had on their lives.

  • Oils on stretched canvas

  • 20"X16"

  • £75

cat.304  THE PRESENTATION 1st century

In the first century, Joseph and Mary brought Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem, to thank God for their new baby. Simeon recognises Jesus as the Saviour of the world and Anna, the prophetess, watches with interest. Joseph is bringing two doves for sacrifice. Mary is blessed and wonders what her child's future was to be.

  • oils on stretched canvas

  • £250

cat.115 NHS 2020 Midwives.JPG

 cat. 317 END OF  SHIFT

Painted during Covid lockdown 2020. My daughter is an NHS midwife and, as with all nurses, they was constantly exhausted after gruelling and very long shifts. Here they are at the end of their day, relieve there were no deaths this shift.




  • Oil on stretched canvas

  • dark grey floating frame

  • £150                 
  •  Zahra, 7yrs, at Wimpole Home Farm, Cambridgeshire. Here she is dressed as a farm hand helping in the Dairy.


Sophia in a

sparkly hat

  • Oil on stretched canvas

  • 40cms x 60cms

  • Framed in dark, grey

  • wood 15cms wide.

  • £150



The Masai , Kenya



Game Boy cat.1 £45

The girl with
the emerald earring 


  • one of a series of 5

  • oil on stretched canvas

  • £85

cat.30 Daniel Boy with a stud earring.JP

The boy with

the stud earring

  • One of 5

  • Oil on stretched canvas

  • £85

The girl with
the sapphire earring 

  • One of 5

  • Oil on stretched canvas

  • £85


   Game Boy

  • Oil on stretched canvas

  • Oil on stretched canvas

  • 40cms x 60cms

  • Framed in dark, grey wood 15cms wide.

  • £100

Nardia,9yrs, at Wimpole Home

Farm, Cambridgeshire. Here

she is dressed as a milk maid

in the Dairy.


Muddy Puddle    


Oils on board with rough wooden 1"X1" behind .

Children [from L. to R: Daniel, Nardia, Zahra & Joseph] playing in Rowney woods, Bedfordshire, U.K.



SOPHIA~The girl with

the sapphire earring

  • One of 5

  • Oil on stretched canvas

  • £85

cat.22 Joseph. Boy with the jet earring.

The boy with 
the jet earring

  • One of 5

  • Oil on stretched canvas

  • £85


What are we looking for?

  • Oils on stretched canvas

  • £200

Here we have the shops from Yaxley Centre, Peterborough. U.K. Humanity can be  enticed into believing that what is sold in the shops is what makes life good. Each can become a god. Money; gambling; food; what we look like; alcohol; what we possess; pets, and sport. The DIY shop symbolizes our belief that we can do everything in our own strength. There is a narrow pathway between the shops leading to St. Peter’s church, Yaxley. There are seven empty people wandering amongst the shops looking for something. Each figure represents one of the 7 deadly sins: envy, pride, anger, gluttony, lust, sloth and greed. The figure at the entrance to the narrow path has taken the first step towards a life of more substance. Hence the sole of his foot is painted..


In St. Peter's cat.56

  • Oils on stretched canvas.

  • £40

St. Peter's is a church set on the edge of  the Cambridgeshire village of Yaxley. The November light from the south window reflects on the wall to make interesting shapes. The church was decorated with poppies by Irene and her team. The 2 girls, Nardia and Zahra, my grandchildren are waiting for the service to begin.


  • Oil on stretched canvas

  • 60cms x 40cms

  • no frame

  • £50

Rev. Calixte

My husband and I met the Masai tribe in Kenya. The women congregated altogether. They stood in straight lines, watching, silent and with their arms tucked closely to their chests. Their clothes [shuka] were bright, mainly primary colours and were sheets of fabric wrapped around their bodies.

Masai women, Kenya

  • Oils on stretched canvas

  • £85

Masai women.JPG

 Straw bear man  cat.5   

  • Oil on stretched canvas

  • Unframed

  • £15

On the second weekend in January, Whittlesey has a its Straw Bear Festival. This man was having a rest from the dancing and drinking!


Sir Tom.JPG
June 2019
cat.35 On the shore.JPG
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