Box room & brushes

The walls are closing in. Paintings are standing up all around me; bristles on the brushes are all spikey. I don't know how to keep the bristles flat, they're all sticking out in all directions. I suppose I could buy expensive ones but then I won't be able to scrub away with paint and brush on the canvas, because if I ruined it, I feel like I was wasting too much money. I'm trying to get ready for an exhibition in June in St. John's in Peterborough UK. So must get a few more painted and dried.

A nice young man on You tube said in his video that to get further up the google list thingy, it would be good to have a blog. So here I am. I'm going to treat it just like a diary - well not exactly of course, I'm not going to say any sensitive and personal stuff that would be stupid. But will just chat away until I learn some more from the nice man on You Tube. So much info!!!

The Red Garage - the overflow from the Boxroom

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